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Whether you are an aspiring middle/high school athlete, weekend warrior, amateur or even professional athlete, we have a program to meet your needs.

"See" your game to the next level!


Welcome to Rocky Mountain Sports Vision Institute!

An athlete needs more than talent, strength and passion to compete in sports. Whether it is shooting a 3-pointer, picking up the path of a curve-ball, sinking a long putt, or lining up a target, excellent vision plays an extremely important role in performance. But clear 20/20 vision is only one important factor in achieving maximum visual performance. Vision, in fact, involves many subtle and sophisticated links between your eyes, brain and muscles. The stamina, flexibility and fine-tuning of your visual system can often provide you with the split-second timing you need to excel in your sport of choice. While most athletes focus on training aerobic capacity, endurance, strength, muscle tone, flexibility and even nutrition, they often overlook training the visual system. This is quite the oversight, no pun intended, as the visual system is perhaps the most critical system to achieving optimal athletic performance. Consider that about 80% of how we learn and perform is through vision.

At the Rocky Mountain Sports Vision Institute (RMSVI) we utilize state of the art instrumentation and devices to thoroughly evaluate an athlete’s visual skills, and then custom design a program to addresses his or her weaknesses and to enhance those skills that are vital to their primary sport(s). This exciting new field of “legal” performance enhancement gives athletes a competitive edge as most of their competition neglects or isn’t even aware of this type of training.

Come take a tour of the facility. We think you’ll agree, our “eye gym” is second to none!

For more information, or to learn about a free 10 point evaluation, please call: