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There are two phases in the RMSVI Program:

Phase 1 (Evaluation) :

Plan on spending an hour and a half during your comprehensive sports vision evaluation.  This will be unlike any vision testing you have done before.  We utilize state of the art sports vision specific instrumentation to analyze over 20 visual skills: Eye Hand Coordination, Detailed Color Vision Testing, Depth Perception, Reaction Time, Eye Foot Coordination, Multiple Object Tracking, just to name a few.  The data is then compiled and a thorough report is generated summarizing an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses.  From this assessment, a customized training program is then developed focusing not only on the athlete’s weaknesses, but also taking into account their primary sport(s).

Phase 2 (Training) :

Taking place over the course of 12 weeks, trainers will work one on one with athletes to improve their weaknesses as well as enhance the visual skills that are of particular importance to their sport(s) of interest.  While greater emphasis will be placed on weaknesses, the intent of the program is to raise all facets of an athlete’s vision and visual motor skills to their maximum levels.  Each weekly session will last approximately 45 minutes to an hour.  In the beginning, the training will be more basic and then gradually progress in difficulty.  As the training progresses, we add challenges to make the training really expand an athlete’s visual threshold.  This is similar to a runner wearing weights around his ankles during training and then taking them off for a race.  Our goal is to improve an athlete’s vision to the point that when he/she returns to the field he/she will find it significantly easier to perceive and process what he/she sees.  In addition to the weekly sessions, athletes will be given visual exercises to perform at home which are vital to the success of the program.